True Religion history

true religion logoThe American denim brand “True Religion” was created in 2002 by Jeffrey Lubell who is also the current CEO. It is distributed on six continents (North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America.). The company sells others clothes like jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts through a diversified network of retail, ecommerce, wholesale and licensing channels worldwide. In 2004, True Religion records its first annual profit: $4.2 million in net income. True religion open its first retail location in 2005 in Manhattan Beach, California. The company operates now 124 stores in the United States, 31 international stores and the line is also distributed through high-end department stores.true religion jeffrey

Concerning the logo, Jeffrey Lubell chose a smiling Buddha who represents his spiritual side and it is a symbol of peace, nature, happiness and good fortune; and the acoustic guitar for his classic guitar roots and his love for groups like Jethro Tull, CSNY, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, etc. “World Tour” shows that it is a global brand.

Regarding their business strategy, they want to be recognized thanks to prestigious fashion It is a symbol product. They attract affluent consumer through a high price range (from 150$ to 400$). The target market is people from around 18 to 35 years old that tend to have a high disposable income. Although marketed to a higher-end jean consumer, these products have a lifetime guarantee and can be replaced if a malfunction occurs. This guarantee appeals to many consumers. They aim to attract trendsetters who want to associate themselves with a prestigious line of clothing apparel.

They want to be competitive by providing high quality product to its target market and a customer service as best as possible. Moreover, True Religion competes by providing differentiation to its consumer and by combining quality, authenticity “made in the USA”, a “vintage” style and timeless refinement. The brand image can be summarized in 2 words : quality and class !

true religion shopRegarding advertising, True Religion distributes fashion catalogues, customer feedback cards, and businesses cards. There are highly present on the web: their biggest expenses are pay-per click advertising on Google and keyword advertising.true religion ad

Julia Lachant

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